What we do

UNILAB is an Italian software house which develops technical software for companies involved in heat exchange fields:

  • development of standard software
  • development of "turnkey" projects.

Software design

Our company offers a wide range of standards software that allow the design of many types of heat exchangers.

  • BMC - tanks for storage of liquid food
  • COILS - finned heat exchangers
  • DEHUMIDIFIER HEAT PIPE - heat exchanger tubes
  • MicroChannel - Condensation of refrigerants in microchannel
  • PCOIL - Plate heat exchangers of “Pillow” type
  • PILLOW - exchangers “Pillow” type immersed in fluids
  • PLATE & FIN - Compact Heat Exchangers
  • REIND - Electric Indirect Heaters SHARK - Simulation of refrigeration equipment (chillers, air conditioners, etc..)
  • ELECTRIC SUITE - Electric Heat Exchangers
  • UNISUITE PHE - Plate heat exchangers
  • UNISUITE SHELL - Shell and tube exchangers
  • UNISUITE COAX - Coaxial heat exchangers
  • UNISUITE TUBE IN TUBE - Tube in Tube heat exchanger

Software Selection

  • AHU - Selection, estimation and design of air handling units
  • FANCOIL SELECTOR - Selection of fancoil units
  • UNITS SELECTOR - Selection of ventilated units (remote condensers, coolers, etc.)
  • XSHARK - Selection and estimation of units for air conditioning and refrigeration.

Since several years, UNILAB has enlarged own portfolio activies to better satisfy customers' requirements. Here are our additional services:

  • hours packs for the insertion of new implementations on demand
  • hours packs for engineering services
  • technical support for Eurovent and AHRI certifications (for finned heat exchangers, for air handling units, for fancoil units)
  • training courses.

For additional information please consult page "SERVICES".

For further information, please contact our Sales Dept.