SHARK: the design environment for the thermotechnical designer  & engineer. A stable project, built on top of high quality know-how and design experience. SHARK is not a software which needs development process reports, time-lines, road-maps, beta tests, etc. It is a state of the art software, built on top of our 27-years experience, and uses the most advanced calculation engines available on the market. For example it shares the same calculation engine as COILS, a Unilab Software used by more than 200 companies world-wide. But the development is not stopped: improvements and new features are released very often, and itís possible to customize the software by adding third-parties calculations engines too.

Intuitive graphical user interface

Contrary to software from other competitors which requires a lot of actions before starting the actual work, SHARK lets you design a wide range of units just by placing the components onto the design grid. In this way you can quickly design air/water chiller, water/water chillers, air conditioners, condensing units, etc. for the highest opportunities of future development. With the same tool you use now for rating units that are in production, you can design new series of units, even of different typologies, for a quick improvement of the incomes. 

 A huge real-world components database available

 The most important feature of SHARK is the huge database of components included in the software. Only our program has an exhaustive list of thousand components of main companies operating in the HVAC field.

Shark is available in three different editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

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    Shark Professional
    Software for the design of liquid refrigerators, heat pumps and conditioners