UNILAB COILS is a tool for the design and rating of finned heat exchangers in the following calculation modalities:

  • Heating and Cooling of the air without any change of phase of the liquid, gas or refrigerant in the tubes
  • Condensing and Direct Expansion of refrigerants with change of phase
  • Steam
  • Pump evaporators with R717.

Do you want to calculate coils and components in series? We have inserted a new tool in the ENTERPRISE Edition that allows you to do it in few click. 

UNILAB COILS is available in three different editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

Do you want to configure your license, according to its constructive typologies? Now it is possible to choose between three different modules: module "A" (Heating, Cooling and Steam), module "B" (Direct Expansion, Condensing and Pump Evaporator) or module "COMPLETE", with all calculation's typologies included.

  1. 1
    Coils Professional
    COILS: the most common version in the world. A professional software to finalize the most complex projects, with powerful tools available
  2. 11
    Coils Standard
    More complete that Light Edition, but affordable for all budgets
  3. 12
    Coils Enterprise
    This is the more detailed COILS edition, the essential tool for hvac designers
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